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100% Free Machine Learning Course

    Syllabus – What you will learn from this course


    2.Linear Regression with One Variable

    3.Linear Algebra Review

    4.Linear Regression with Multiple Variables

    5.Octave/Matlab Tutorial

    6.Logistic Regression


    8.Neural Networks: Representation

    9.Neural Networks: Learning

    10.Advice for Applying Machine Learning

    11.Machine Learning System Design

    12.Support Vector Machines

    13.Unsupervised Learning

    14.Dimensionality Reduction

    15.Anomaly Detection

    16.Recommender Systems

    17.Large Scale Machine Learning

    18.Application Example: Photo OCR

    Skills you will gain

    Logistic Regression

    Artificial Neural Network

    Machine Learning (ML) Algorithms

    Machine Learning

    Machine Learning?

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